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Frequently Asked Questions:

Primary Election Info:

Does the Party choose candidates for the Primary ballot? 

No, any Democrat in good standing can run in the Primary Election for any office they are eligible for. Candidates run their own campaigns. 

The Primary is for Dem voters to select their candidates for the fall election. 

The Grant County Democratic Party does not choose or endorse Primary candidates. 

Why vote in the Democratic Primary?

~ Your most recent Primary ballot pull must be Democratic to be automatically eligible* to serve in a Party office (including precinct committee).

~ Your 2 most recent Primary ballot pulls must be Democratic to be automatically eligible* to run as a candidate for public office or be appointed to public boards or commissions. (IC 3-8-2-7)

~ Pulling a Republican Primary ballot could limit service opportunities until the next Democratic Primary ballot is pulled.

* Other eligibility rules may be in place depending on office.

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